Medio Ambiente - Agroturismo Arkaia

Indoor and outdoor lighting with low energy consumption and low light pollution.

Water saving systems (double-button cisterns, thermostatic shower mixers…).

Efficient domestic appliances, A+ rating.

Efficient domestic appliances, A+ rating. The thermal insulation o has been fully improved to achieve high energy efficiency.

Metalwork window with thermal bridge break and double glazing with chamber.

Biomass boiler with barley grain-based fuel which is produced on the farm itself.

Underfloor heating with the possibility of regulating the heat in each area with thermostats in each of the house’s rooms.


Just by staying in our rural house in Arkaia, Vitoria - Gasteiz, you are already collaborating with our environmental, social and economic commitments.
If you want to contribute ... you will always be welcome. Thank you!

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